As most expecting mothers know that in the last month of pregnancy sleeping becomes almost impossible. So I decided instead of wasting time tossing and turning in bed. I would make something for my soon to be baby boy. With little to no knowledge of how to knit I bought some needles, yarn, needles, and began knitting the nights away. It took me a while to get the hang of knitting, but eventually I figured it out.

I have decided to share my easy pixie hat pattern, it’s so easy that almost anyone can do it. I used a multi-colour yarn with pink blue and white The colours can be used for a girl or boy baby. So if you’re have decided not to find out what sex your baby is, even you can make this one. It’s made in four simple steps.

If you are not sure how to knit here's a helpful link: https://www.google.co.za/amp/m.wikihow.com/Knit%3Famp%3D1

You will need:

4mm Knitting Needles

DK Multi-colour Yarn

Tapestry Needle

5mm Crochet Hook


1. Cast on 60 stitches

2. Knit until your hat is 13cm long

3. Cast off

4. Fold the hat in half and sew the ends together with a tapestry needle.

5. With your Crochet Hook, join yarn to the side of the hat and Chain 50